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Bimetallic Colloquia
Coloquium packet
Portion of
1990 Colloquium packet
Two colloquia organized and hosted by the Bimetallic Question, one in 1990 and the other in 2001, brought like-minded Sherlockians together to study of the adventures of the world's first consulting detective.

An international group of attendees, speakers and guests visited Montreal for scholarly (and other!) presentations, Victorian events and authentic period dinners. In 1990, our guests were greeted by British bobbies, attended a Victorian-costume dinner with appropriate entertainment, and even witnessed the "murder" of one of the speakers who refused to relinquish the podium.


Photos from the 1990 Colloquium

Bobbies at McGill

A pair of British constables
(a.k.a. Bobbies, Peelers, or Coppers) greeting the Colloquium participants.

     The lecture hall filled with an attentive and expectant audience ...

     Attendees waiting

... awaiting fascinating lectures by dynamic speakers.     
l to r: John Huston, Prof. Paul Piehler, and L.B. (Beth) Greenwood     
Colloquium speakers

Victorian guests

Gathering for the
Victorian-costume dinner
("Victorian", in some cases,
lightly interpreted).
Victorian guests

When the schedule permitted,
some visitors took time to explore the city
in a traditional Montreal calèche.
Riding in a calĀche

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