The Master's Birthday

160th Birthday Dinner
was held on Saturday, January 18th, 2014 at the Atwater Club

Special Guest Speaker
Mark Abley
Author, poet, and Montreal Gazette columnist

Members and guests in the Atwater Club dining room

Sovereign Chris Herten-Greaven with special guest speaker Mark Abley

Patrick Campbell, Paul Billette, Maureen Anderson, and Raf Jans

Raf Jans, Arlene Scher, Rachel Alkallay, and Patrick Campbell

A Dowd family portrait

Mark Abley (left) and Kathy Reichs (fourth from right) pose with Bimetallic Questionaires

Anne Millar and Rebecca Stacey

Raf Jans accepting the Quiz Trophey from Patrick Campbell

Catherine Herba and Raf Jans

Mark Altosaar, Sonia Dorda, Dawn Cady, Karl Raudsepp, David Dowse

Gerry Ruddick (left), Elliott and Eva Newman, Ron and Ronalee Zilman, and (front) Daniel Fuchs and Arlene Scher

Jacob Abramson, Jack Anderson, and Raf Jans

Bimetallic Home