The Master's Birthday

161st Birthday Dinner
was held on Saturday, January 17th, 2015 at the Atwater Club

Special Guest Speaker
Terry Mosher
Political cartoonist "Aislin" in the Montreal Gazette


Members and guests in the Atwater Club dining room

Special guest speaker Terry Mosher with Ronalee Zilman and Ron Zilman

Terry Mosher and spouse Mary Hughson with Bimetallic Question members

Wilfrid de Freitas, Kevin Chappell, Derek Chappell, and Alice Schwarcz

Carole Rocklin, Robert J. Koffend, Sarah Dowd, Rebecca Dowd, and Peter Lekx.

Sovereign Carol Abramson and spouse Jacob Abramson

Heather Wilman-Brown, Nancy Walkling, Maureen Anderson, and Jack Anderson

Lawrence Reich, Carolyn Reich, Kathy McKnight, and Geoff Dowd

Arthur Newman, Eva Newman, and Elliott Newman.

Anne Miller, Kristin Franseen, and Rebecca Stacey

Susan Fitch, Lars Lovkvist, and Joseph Blumer

Alice Schwarcz and Dr. Joe Schwarcz

Bimetallic Home