The Master's Birthday

164th Birthday Dinner
was held on Saturday, January 20th, 2018 at the Atwater Club

Special Guest Speaker
Robert N. Wilkins
Montreal historian and freelance writer


Members and guests in the Atwater Club reception room

Carol and Jacob Abramson

Heather Wileman-Brown and special guest speaker Robert N. Wilkins

Dr. Joe Schwarcz delighted us with a performance of magic

A Sherlockian skit by Anne Millar, Kristin Franseen, and Melodie Tardieu

Sovereign Raf Jans and women's best costume winners Vivianne Lewis, and daughter Vanessa Anjachak

Quiz trophy winner Kristin Franseen

Chris Herten-Greaven, Catherine Jans, and best men's costume winner Jack Anderson

Paul Billette presents the Campbell Commemorative Calabash

Melodie Tardieu as Watson

Members and guests
in the Atwater Club Dining Room

Miyako Matsuda-Pelletier and Susan Fitch

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2018 photos courtesy of Susan Fitch, Catherine Jans, Miyako Matsuda Pelletier, Karl Raudsepp, and Arlene Scher

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