The Master's Birthday

165th Birthday Dinner
was held on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 at the Atwater Club

Special Guest Speaker
Christopher Huang
Montreal mystery writer


Members and guests in the Atwater Club reception room

Sherlockian spouses Susan Ravdin
and Bimetallic Question co-founder Wilfrid de Freitas

James Turner, Vivianne Lewis, Miyako Matsuda-Pelletier
and Bimetallic Question co-founder David Dowse

Melodie Tardieu and incoming Sovereign Bruno Paul Stenson

Arlene Scher and special guest speaker Christopher Huang

Paul Billette, Melodie Tardieu, Kristin Franseen, Anne Millar, Christopher Huang,
Heather Wileman-Brown and Arlene Scher

Finn Oldham, Sarah Dowd and Rebecca Dowd

Peter Lekx performs our favourite Sherlockian theme

Mark Altosaar, Dawn Cady and spouse Karl Raudsepp

Karl Raudsepp, Chris Herten-Greaven, Vivianne Lewis,
Inés Herten-Greaven and Susan Fitch

Geoff Dowd, Susan Fitch and selfie photographer Peter Lekx

Chris Herten-Greaven, Inés Herten-Greaven, Sloveig Holmes and Tom Holmes

Phil Ehrensaft and Malcolm McRae

Ron and Ronalee Zilman

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2019 photos courtesy of Susan Fitch

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