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Bimetallic Barbeque, 2009

With thanks to
David Kellett and Paul Billette
for the photographs

Bimetallic barbecue
Let the eating begin!

Bimetallic Barbecue, 2009

One of several summer parties held over the years, the Bimetallic Barbecue was a huge success. The host, Sovereign Wilfrid de Freitas, supplied the grills, hot dogs and hamburgers, and patio space. Each guest brought food, pot-luck style, and there was more than enough to go around: excellent appetizers, wonderful salads and homemade deserts. Even a brief shower didn't affect the party.

Members, families and friends (about 35 people in all) came, ate and talked. As the afternoon stretched into evening, and the gathered company sat back, content and sated, it was agreed that best part of the day was the shared camaraderie of fellow Sherlockians!
Bimetallic barbecue
Examining a BMQ scrapbook.

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As with all barbecues, the evening
was all about the food, the company, and the good times.

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Cooking at the Bimetallic Barbecue

Although they say men are the best cooks ...
Cooking at the Bimetallic Barbecue

... women are the best judges of good food!

Wilfrid de Freitas and Susan Ravdin

Our hosts,
surveyed the guests ...

Holmes and Patric Campbell ... and Sherlock Holmes himself
oversaw it all.
Holmes and Kathryn Radford

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