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Social Events

On occasion we gather for social events during the year, between the bi-monthly meetings. The most important of these is the annual celebration of the Master's birthday in January. But we also get together on other occasions to share our love of things Sherlockian and Victorian.

Victorian Afternoon Tea, 2010

The home of Carol and Jacob Abramson provided a distinctly Victorian setting for Afternoon Tea on Saturday August 21st. The dining room table and buffet fairly groaned with Victorian goodies, flowers (including gorgeous yellow roses) and shining silverware. Mrs. Hudson would have stood in awe, if only she had been able to attend. Close to two dozen Bimetallicans and friends were greeted at the door by an authentic Victorian maid who led the guests to the hosts in the parlour. After a group photo, everyone joined in for sandwiches, cakes, squares, fruit, tea (no less than four different kinds), etc, etc, etc. Several notable Victorians were in attendance, including Mrs. (Maureen Anderson) Brown and her partner, Mr. (Jack Anderson) Brown.

Group picture

A chance for old friends to chat

... and relax

A serious moment

And a less serious one!

Our host entertains

 ... while our hostess explains

Recalling old times

The end of a perfect tea!

In 2009, we got together in the summer for a Bimetallic Barbeque. And in December, we attended a preview showing of the Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Two colloquia organized and hosted by the Bimetallic Question, one in 1990 and the other in 2001, brought like-minded Sherlockians together to study of the adventures of the world's first consulting detective.

And in other years, we've been on a walking tour in Montreal, had a Victorian Lawn Party and a Summer Pool Party. We've re-enacted the historic encounter between Holmes and Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls (complete with falls!), and we have staffed the telephones during Vermont Public Television fund raisers.

And in the future?

The only limits are our - and your - imaginations!

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